Tupperware! The Musical


Jujamcyn Theater Company has acquired the theatrical rights to the BHP film TUPPERWARE! And the film’s producer/writer/director, Laurie Kahn, will be a consultant to the creative team as they craft a Broadway musical based upon her documentary film. 

Jujamcyn is a well-known, first-class company that owns and manages five Broadway theaters.  They produced Angels in America, The Producers, Into the Woods, and numerous other prize-winning plays and musicals.

The story of the early years of Tupperware lends itself to song and dance numbers. The hopes and dreams of Earl Tupper, Brownie Wise, and their Tupperware Ladies are rooted in particular details of the colorful 1950s, but they are also quasi-mythic.  When the staff at Blueberry Hill Productions (Laurie Kahn, Robin Hessman, Julie Golia, and Barbara Dalton-Rotundo) were doing the research for the documentary, they’d sometimes burst into song (Robin and Julie have terrific voices; Laurie can carry a tune).  They’d improvise lyrics based on archival documents and the stories told by interviewees; there were songs about the nervous woman leaving her factory job to be a Tupperware Lady, about Earl Tupper dreaming big with dead-end inventions like the no-drip ice-cream cone and the dagger-shaped comb, about Brownie Wise deciding to bury prizes underground -- in Tupperware containers, of course -- at the first annual Tupperware Jubilee, and the list goes on.

As with all documentary films, there are many stories, lots of great images, and boxes of archival materials that did not make it into the final film.  Working with the show’s writer, composer, lyricist, and director, Laurie will share what she knows and provide the creative team with raw material that could be transformed into moving songs and rousing musical numbers.